Message from Reverend Heather

It always feels like a new beginning when Fall comes around.  Summer holidays are over, kids are back at school, and the evenings have a chill in the air!

It’s a new season, and a new start.  Maybe what you need is a new start yourself! Just how do we make that happen? Spiritualism is about the Science, Religion and Philosophy of Continuous Life.

Our Life is like a pyramid.  Each point stand for something significant,  Physical, Spiritual and Emotional represented as our “Triangle of Life”. So how do you make that start? I’ve always felt that the top of the pyramid which stands for Spiritual, is the one that starts the importance of our Triangle of Life. So here is a Prayer we use to open our Sunday Services.  It might be just what you need to start using Prayer in a new way for a new start!

God Bless.

Reverend Heather


Oh Creator of All,
permeating the entire Universe,
Honour and Glory to You.

Your Divine Love pervades,
is within and blesses all,
Your Natural Law guides on the
physical and spiritual planes,
Your Grace and Spiritual energy sustain us
abundance prevails.

All life is growth,
so we judge not ourselves or others.

Lead us on our paths, inspire us,
and heal us with your White Light,
Life and Love are continuous.
For all is God and Perfections.


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