Monthly Archives: December 2016

A Message from Reverends Glenn and Heather LaLiberte and The Board of Directors of The Spiritualist Church of The Light

This time of year brings in an energy and vibration that is very high and exciting!  Many faiths and cultures world wide have celebrations for the Winter Season.

As Spiritualists, we are no exception!  Each day of December is one of preparation.  We prepare for the newness of 2017 that is just around the corner.  We listen carefully to our Spirit Guides, as they assist in a profound way!  We ask for their guidance as we make our choices each and every day as well as planning our future for 2017 with their steadfast love.

We also prepare to celebrate holidays with family and friends.  Get togethers, parties and Pot Lucks abound!

This is also a time for some, that can be stressful, with sorrow or sadness, and it hurts them to see people celebrating as it can be a difficult time due to situations in life.   Our Church, our wonderful congregation,  reaches out to those folks with a healing and helping hand.

Whatever your station in life, whatever your situation, we ask for a Blessing for all of you, in all you do!   God Bless!