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Sunday May 23rd, 2021 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! We want to call our “Talk” today The Light At The End of The Tunnel. All of us world wide have been living with Covid-19 for a very long time. If we were to think ahead a year and a half, it would seem so very long in the future. Unless you have well laid out plans, large and small; a year and a half sometimes can’t be easily comprehended by most. So much can happen to change life when you look ahead like that. Anything is possible, not all plans work out, and most important of all is our undeniable gift of “choice”.

Life happens, and this past year and half has brought us a life we never could have thought of just a few years ago. Lives changed forever, families changed forever, jobs, careers, hopes and dreams all changed forever. Nobody would have thought this could happen….but it has. What now?

Where there is life, there is hope! There is a light at the end of this, a light at the end of the tunnel. What is in store for us at the end of this pandemic? Can life go back to normal? Serious questions for a serious time. As Reverends, we see folks and families with questions on their anxious faces. What now indeed.

Life definitely will go on and go forward. There is a Light at the end of this vast tunnel. Now is the time to reinvent yourself, check out your plans for the future, try something completely different, and now is the time for these thoughts to whirl around your noggin so as to have them flesh out in your life when you arrive at the end of the Covid tunnel.

New beginnings are always exciting! A new start feels refreshing! Pick up your head and see this light at the end. As we say (and more than once)…thoughts are things. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how young you are, what your situation in life is, a brand new day can bring you the reward of thinking just what it is that brings you joy, what brings you happiness, what brings you contentment.

For those whose lives have dramatically changed with the death of a loved one, a family fractured and ending, relationships strained and separation inevitable. That light at the end of the tunnel is still a light for you. Infinite Intelligence, Creator God, our Brother Jesus of Nazareth, the highest and the best Universal and Spiritual Teachers and Healers will always be there for you…..Always! Remember our Fourth Principal, Continuous Existence of the Soul and Its Personality. That light at the end of the tunnel, is life eternal. That light at the end of the tunnel is your new beginning. Make it happen as all life is growth. Life and Love are continuous , for all is God and Perfection! God Bless!

SCC Healing on Zoom

Hello Everyone!

Just a letter to all of you to mention the confirm our debut for the Spiritualist Church of Canada.

We have the details, and wanted to send all of you a short letter to give you the
heads up. Saturday May 15th, 11:00 am. Go to the Spiritualist Church of Canada Website. There will be promptings there for you to follow. It will be a Zoom service that will go Canada wide.

We are going to talk about “Healing” and we are so very excited to be doing this, representing our Church and of course you wonderful folks as well. So if you have a wee bit of time on May 15th, tune in for a short “Talk”….Take care all of you and enjoy your day! God Bless!

As Always…..Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Sunday May 9th, 2021 “Mother’s Day” Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Happy Mother’s Day to all the great Mothers, Grandmothers, Nana’s, Kookum’s, Baba’s, Oma’s, Nonas, Nannies and caregivers! All the very best to you for a wonderful and hopefully relaxing day with your family and loved ones.

No one can deny the plethora of cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts of every sort that are available by happy retailers, when this day comes around. So many people wanting to honour their mothers and wives with gifts to show their love and appreciation for the women they are. As all folks know, it is the one day a year, set aside, to pay that extra attention to the women they love and respect.

With all these sentimental tributes, we remember those women who are crossed over into Spirit World, and love us still. Love, being the most positive emotion of all, never dies with the death of the body. You take that love with you. The powerful emotion of love can still be sent to those we have loved and just know it is reciprocated!

Not all maternal relationships are filled with positive emotions. There are strained relationships, and relationships that are non-existent. If this brings a sadness to your heart, or a longing for a relationship that may not happen, we want to show you a way on how to turn it around. Firstly, since “thoughts are things”….place in your mind a picture of her face in a beautiful picture frame….an oval picture frame, with a pretty pewter filigree around it. Place the sun behind her and a wonderful, joyful smile on her face. Next, send that off onto the ethers, let it go.

Two things will happen! Firstly, you will receive a healing for doing something very meaningful and positive. As it goes off, the weight will lift from your shoulders. It will be very freeing! The second thing that happens, is wherever she is she will get a positive feeling, a positive thought. Regardless of the outcome, a sad situation can be made better by doing this.

So folks! For all the wonderful Mothers in our lives, may the gift of love be sent to you on this very special Mother’s Day, no matter where you are! God Bless!

Sunday May 2nd, 2022 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! May is here! Many years ago I worked with a teacher, ‘Mrs. Barnett’. She was an elderly woman getting ready to retire from teaching the little ones, and each year, she started out the first day of May with this little ditty. “Today is the first day of May, hooray! Lets dance in the garden today!” The lilt of the song…. was wonderful!”

Well, the weather and the underlying climate change has done little to bring us the spring flowers; and the happiness of that carefree song seems a bit foreign to all of us who have lived through the difficulties of the past year.
It would be so wonderful and freeing to run outside and hug friends and neighbours without the restrictions put into place to save us from a deadly virus. It would be so wonderful and freeing to dash through fields of flowers and enjoy a multitude of blooms that can uplift your emotions as high as the sky!

Lets take a moment and remember this is so temporary. Yes, spring feels later than usual; the reluctant, capricious, beautiful Manitoba spring weather feels like it is stalling, along with the life dealing changes of Covid-19 and its variants.

Good things lie in wait folks! Believe it, as it will come true. One day the weather will turn for the better and last longer than the short spurts we have lived with recently. The gardens will be planted, the grass fully green, our warm Manitoba sunshine (for which we are famously known) will suddenly beam down, and the restrictions will eventually, slowly be lifted as we together, do what is necessary to end the scourge of Covid.

When you begin to think that things won’t change. When you begin to think and feel you are stuck. When you begin to feel sour on life. When you begin to believe nothing will shift and with a sigh, feel tired or listless. When negative comes at you from all sides, remember some of the phrases we have spoken of in the past. Remember, we are thinking of you!

Remember, Spiritualism is a breath of fresh air! We have many wonderful and loving Spirit Guides! We have the highest and the best to help us…..Master Teachers, MasterHealers…. we have an Infinite Intelligence that can Heal us, physically, Spiritually and emotionally with the White Light of love. Remember to……
“Go forward, look upward and each day will find the sun before you and the clouds behind you.”

“Thoughts are things!”

“Think positive for all aspects of your life.”

“Positive thoughts are hundreds of times stronger than negative ones.”

“There is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel.”

“Never, never, never, ever give up!” ……God Bless!