November 1, 2020 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Well here we are at another Code Red and its time to hunker down and wait out this situation. Since you folks are inundated with news and anything regarding Covid-19. We will now focus on another day instead. Remembrance Day.

Our Dad, in the Spring of 1941, lied about his age to join the war effort against Nazi Germany. He was 17. For four years he fought in the front lines, was wounded twice, in France and Germany. He was a very young soldier who was part of the first wave of the liberation forces in Europe. Landing on the bloody beaches of Normandy, liberating France, Holland and eventually Germany from the tyrant Hitler and his henchmen.

When he returned, it was considered a miracle he survived! And survive he did, outliving the battles that killed his best friend, who died in his arms, friends and comrades and even the Commanding Officer of his battalion. It indeed changed his life forever, seeing the worst of what humanity can do to their fellow man.

What makes his life even more incredible is the fact that he lived to a ripe old age, had children and grandchildren, and he never spoke of the war until was in his 80’s. He said unless you were there, you could never grasp what happened and never understand the ferocity of living those times on the front lines. His strong faith in God, and St. Andrew who was the head of the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, he felt, saved him. Did you know that World War 1, called the “war to end all wars” killed 17,000,000 people world wide? World War 2 was worse, killing 73,000,000 people world wide. Albert Einstein was asked how World War 3 was going to be fought and he said, “with sticks and stones.”

Now we would like to bring you back to present day. It is for these reasons we remember. The massive amount of humanity that was lost, and wars are still happening today around the world. Mans inhumanity to man. Those brave men and women who gave their today, for our tomorrows. Our own remembering about our lives and how we came to this very day, may bring our own sorrows to the forefront. Remember….scars show you where you’ve been, but don’t dictate where you go.

Do not dwell too long on your past, and the trauma you may have experienced. Give it a moment, and let it go.
For your sake, and for the people who gave their all, so we can have a future… grateful for their sacrifice. To honour them, be thankful you have eyes to read this and a life… make it what you want, whatever you want. Live each day fully and in doing this, you will honour them and the sacrifices they made. God Bless!

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