Sunday March 21st, 2021- Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Spring is here! Along with the much anticipated warmer weather, the anticipated vaccines are now underway. Both of us have appointments already starting with Glenn tomorrow. There are many people who are waiting for their turn, and there are many folks who are nervous about this with controversy over side affects and others have made a personal choice to not have the vaccine. Whatever your choice, just make sure it is the best one for you and your family.

Spiritualism has always been one of “self”. Not in a conceited way…just one of growth of your triangle of life; Spiritual, Physical and Emotional. Being complete with health, wealth and happiness, which according to all avatars of every culture and religion, is your birthright! Health is very obvious, and so is the Emotional part of your Triangle of Life. Wealth encompasses more than just the wealth of money. It is definitely a big part of it with many people striving for success. Wealth is having all these outer things, the home, the successful business, being debt free. Wealth however, includes to a “greater” degree, what people really want. That is the happiness of living a full and enriched life. Just remember Wealth is a mindset. It’s about appreciating everything we have. Remember all the kindness you/we have shown over time, to a people who are so starved in their Triangle of Life.

With the gift of Spring, lets do what my great Aunt Lottie said so many years ago. “Go forward, look upward, and you will find the sun before you and the clouds behind you.”
God Bless each and everyone of you!

Sunday March 7th, 2021 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Beautiful weather is happening and what an uplift for our emotions! The wind may be just a bit cold, but it will bring in our new Manitoba spring. It can’t be soon enough after the -30’s of this past winter. Glenn was out fishing up north in Riverton Friday, and what a day! It was just the perfect ice- fishing day. The fishing was wonderful the catching wasn’t.

The sky was the most intense shade of blue, no clouds to be seen. The sun warm as toast, didn’t need a jacket at all. No wind. A bald eagle flew low over our heads and two ravens talking with other came over as well. All of a sudden catching fish didn’t make a difference; it was all about being out there.
Nature! This day was so good for the power of the soul. Being in the grand outdoors out on the vast expanse of the lake, deeply breathing the freshest of air, it was a healing in its own right. Being in nature, no matter whether walking, hiking, woods, trails, or just fishing on the lake can make you feel so good. You feel rested at the end of the day and your night sleep is uninterrupted.

Give it a try! Dress up for the weather and if you can’t move well, a chair outside for even a few minutes of fresh air will turn your emotions around. Remember to think positive, ask for what you need when you pray or meditate and start it all off with gratitude in your heart for the things you already have, the friends and the family that are loving to you! Enjoy the day and may God Bless!

Sunday February 14, 2021 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Today is Valentines Day! At -30 degrees below, it is good day to hunker down with your loved ones and watch a show, or movie (with popcorn) and just enjoy each others company.
Many folks may not know how this day came to be, and there are many writings on the bringing about of this wonderful day. The Catholic Church ascribe three different Saints as “Valentine” or “Valentinus” all of whom were martyred. The truth behind the legend is murky, however the emphasis of his appeal is of a sympathetic, heroic and most importantly – romantic figure.

Some claim the Christian Churches in an effort to Christianize the pagan celebration of “Lupercalia” brought Valentines into fruition. Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to “Faunus”, Roman god of Agriculture. It welcomed Spring to the land. However at the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius deemed this celebration as “un- Christian.” He then declared February 14th as St. Valentines day.

Of course through the ages, it gained momentum to the day we now celebrate. During Victorian times the celebration began to flourish to the way we celebrate today. It is a great day to think of those whom we love dearly as well as the romantic holiday has now become.

Remember, love being the highest vibration, is told in every tradition, every religion, every philosophy, every culture throughout the world May this day bring you love, peace and joy. We wish you all, health, wealth and happiness as you all so richly deserve all of life’s blessings. Don’t forget the most important love is firstly the love of self. Not as selfish; just let the love of self be a healthy, and healing love. All this fits into our Spiritualist beliefs, because love is the ultimate, expression of Infinite Intelligence. God Bless!

Sunday January 24th, 2021 Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! The news can bring you down, no doubt about it.. Today we are going to give to you “Encouraging News!” One of our members, Bardee Hubka, sent us this gem, written by our own Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. Enjoy good news for a change!

(1) The panda is no longer an endangered species.

(2) The “ocean clean-up project” plans to clean up 40% of ocean plastics starting this year.

(3) China announced plans to end the ivory trade in their country.

(4) U.S. Veteran homelessness has declined by 50% in the last 10 years.

(5) The Ice-Bucket Challenge provided A.L.S. research enough money to identify a gene associated with the disease.

(6) China put a ban on new coal mines and 15% of their economy will use renewable energy by 2020.

(7) The manatee is no longer on the endangered species list.

(8) The Columbian government and F.A.R.C. rebels sign a Peace Agreement ending a war that left 7 million dead or homeless.

(9) A drone called “Juno” flew over 445 million miles to orbit Jupiter and learn about the origin of our Solar System.

(10) Canada protected 85% of the Great Bear rainforest, part of the world’s largest temperate rainforest.

(11) Measles has been eradicated from North, Central and South America.

(12) Malawi saw its HIV rate among children drop by 67%.

(13) 20 countries created 40 protected marine parks covering an area the size of the U.S.A.

(14) Israel produces 55% of its freshwater from the sea turning the desert into farmland.

(15) An ebola vaccine was developed by Canadians with a 100% success rate.

(16) World hunger has reached it’s lowest point in 25 years.

(17) Tiger numbers are on the rise for the first time in 100 years.

(18) After more than a century Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves has proven correct.

(19) About 90% of Costa Rica’s electrical grid now runs on renewable energy.

(20) Indian planted 50 million trees in 24 hours with 800,000 volunteers.

“How do you like them tomatos?…..Chris Hadfield

Sunday January 10th, 2021 New Year Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Its a brand New Year! World wide, people are having hope for a better year for all aspects of their lives, for themselves and our world. Positive, positive, positive, think positive for all aspects of your life. Your Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional. Remember positive thoughts are hundreds of times stronger than negative ones. Ask Spirit to have your positive thoughts be incredibly stronger and your negative thoughts to be weaker. It works when you set your mind to it.

Both of us are looking forward to the time we are able to meet in our Church, and resume our classes. Social distancing and masks will be a way of life for awhile yet. To see your wonderful faces will be so uplifting for us and others. Vaccines are on their way! So much to look forward to in 2021.

Remember as well, (204) 390-6609 and (204) 338-5505 will get us hopping like crazy to answer your calls. We will be calling as well, as we have been doing all along. God Bless you all for a great start to a New Year and may 2021-be so much fun….for all of us!

Sunday December 20th, 2020 Christmas Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks and Merry Christmas! This week may not seem much like Christmas, the Christmases we are used to, that’s for sure. Many are coming into Christmas week with loneliness and heartache this year. There are no easy answers sometimes. A New Year dawns on us tho’. Full of hope and promise for deliverance from the pandemic that has touched all our lives this year.

Keep in mind, you are not alone. There are many folks who are just a phone call away. Even Glenn said he would give up one of his “Sporty Days” for you! This is something big I can tell you. So people, inundate Glenn with your calls and I will be here for you folks as well. Our Board of Directors are more than happy to help you as well. They are caring, compassionate folks too!

Spiritualism is the Science, Religion and Philosophy of Continuous Life. Jesus of Nazareth was born, lived and died proving this to us, indeed! He proved there was life after life. That our culture has a holiday set aside for this, may not mark the exact date of his birth; there is no mistaking the love and caring he showed.

When our daughter came home last year, she was surprised to see how many Christmas and holiday cards we had. We told her, to get ‘em you gotta send ‘em. This also rings true with telephone calls, letters, e-mails, text messages, FaceTime and Skype. If you are lonely this holiday season, just reach out. You will be surprised at how many folks would love to hear from you. All the very best to you and yours this week and know this is sent to you with love. Health, Wealth and Happiness to you all! God Bless!

Sunday December 13th, 2020 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Well sometimes we take a long look at what’s happening around us and we see how crazy life can be. At times we find ourselves laughing at the absurdity of it all. So wipe your tears and have a laugh with us.

We thought we would pass on a tongue-in-cheek message we received from a friend, and just maybe we all can have a chuckle. We like to call it the difference between last year and how we live in the year of 2020.

  • 2019: Stay away from negative people. 2020: Stay away from positive people.
  • The world has turned upside down. Old folks are sneaking out of the house, and their kids are yelling at them to stay indoors!
  • Do not call the police on suspicious people in your neighbourhood! Those are your neighbours without makeup and hair extensions.
  • Long days at home, and the dog is looking at me like, “See? This is why I chew the furniture!”
  • Me: Alexa what’s the weather this weekend? Alexa: “It doesn’t matter-you’re not going anywhere.”
  • I never thought the comment “I wouldn’t touch him/her with a 6-foot pole” would become national policy, but here we are!
  • This virus has done what no woman has been able to do….cancel all sports, shut down all bars, and keep men at home!
  •  Quarantine has turned us into dogs. We roam the house all day looking for food. We are told “no” if we get too close to strangers, and we get really excited about car rides.
  • Can everyone please follows the instructions so we can knock out this virus and be done? I feel like a kindergartener who keeps loosing more recess time because one or two kids can’t follow directions!” (aaarrrggghhh)

So folks! Don’t ever give up moving forward. Drive forward though all of life’s difficulties and know there is always a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Remember we are just a phone call away! Talk to you next week.

November 16, 2020 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Much caring and love being sent your way today and always. As you come across our minds, and we see you individually, we send this caring and love. What is so interesting is when either of us has someone enter our thoughts, the other person has just been thinking of them. Dr. Carl Jung called that “synchronicity.” So just know as our days and weeks go forward, you all will be thought of with love and blessings.

Just as you start to feel powerless in life, it is time to “remember to remember.” All of your power is in your awareness of that power and through holding that power with every fibre of your being! Don’t let your mind be like a runaway train as it can take your off to the negative aspects of life.

Remember “thoughts are things” and those out-of-control thoughts are creating as well. Stop those thoughts by asking yourself what you are thinking about right at that moment. What are you feeling right now? When you do that you become aware of where you are in the here and now. You have brought your mind back to the present.

This is where you make the choice to remember what you do have in life and to be grateful for it. As you become aware of your thought process, you can start to bring positive thoughts to the forefront. Remember good habits are just as hard to break as bad habits. Think well of yourself. Experience love of self, because to attract the things we love we must also transmit love. The first and most important person to love is yourself.

Take time today, to bring about the highest frequency of love, starting first with yourself. Focus on new dimensions of you. It is so important. The both of us see what is so great about you. We want you to see it to! Start the week by looking at the perfect God-Spark within, your perfect Spirit and know the body around it can only be nothing but perfection! God Bless!

November 1, 2020 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Well here we are at another Code Red and its time to hunker down and wait out this situation. Since you folks are inundated with news and anything regarding Covid-19. We will now focus on another day instead. Remembrance Day.

Our Dad, in the Spring of 1941, lied about his age to join the war effort against Nazi Germany. He was 17. For four years he fought in the front lines, was wounded twice, in France and Germany. He was a very young soldier who was part of the first wave of the liberation forces in Europe. Landing on the bloody beaches of Normandy, liberating France, Holland and eventually Germany from the tyrant Hitler and his henchmen.

When he returned, it was considered a miracle he survived! And survive he did, outliving the battles that killed his best friend, who died in his arms, friends and comrades and even the Commanding Officer of his battalion. It indeed changed his life forever, seeing the worst of what humanity can do to their fellow man.

What makes his life even more incredible is the fact that he lived to a ripe old age, had children and grandchildren, and he never spoke of the war until was in his 80’s. He said unless you were there, you could never grasp what happened and never understand the ferocity of living those times on the front lines. His strong faith in God, and St. Andrew who was the head of the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, he felt, saved him. Did you know that World War 1, called the “war to end all wars” killed 17,000,000 people world wide? World War 2 was worse, killing 73,000,000 people world wide. Albert Einstein was asked how World War 3 was going to be fought and he said, “with sticks and stones.”

Now we would like to bring you back to present day. It is for these reasons we remember. The massive amount of humanity that was lost, and wars are still happening today around the world. Mans inhumanity to man. Those brave men and women who gave their today, for our tomorrows. Our own remembering about our lives and how we came to this very day, may bring our own sorrows to the forefront. Remember….scars show you where you’ve been, but don’t dictate where you go.

Do not dwell too long on your past, and the trauma you may have experienced. Give it a moment, and let it go.
For your sake, and for the people who gave their all, so we can have a future… grateful for their sacrifice. To honour them, be thankful you have eyes to read this and a life… make it what you want, whatever you want. Live each day fully and in doing this, you will honour them and the sacrifices they made. God Bless!