Monday January 9th, 2023 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Well, well, well…here we are in 2023! Not meaning to sound ancient, but where on Earth did 2022 go? We used to think we could jog well ahead of Father Time and it seems he’s rapidly catching up. So the anecdote for this?

“Make sure you make the daily moments count”

The saying you can’t live tomorrow and yesterday is gone so today is the only time we have and it is called the “present” is such a cliche, and so very true. Just how do you make each day and moment count, how do you go about doing that?

So much emphasis is placed on planning for tomorrow. TV ads are full of banking and investment opportunities with the future well planned out for the customer. It’s no longer good enough to think about tomorrow, you must plan, plan, plan.

Now there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the future….smart actually….it is when you pass over on those daily moments time can easily slip away. The moments that create memories in that very future you are planning.

 Standing still periodically on a very busy day thinking about self and taking those few precious moments in for self, is a good idea. A “good” way to start. A “better” idea is to catch those moments no matter where you are. Standing in line at the grocery store, buying gas, visiting an elderly parent, lunch duty at your child’s school, shovelling snow, carpool, paying bills, laundry.

The list goes on and on, and remember so does life. Just remember you are clever, just remember you are a thinker, just remember to take time to use your noggin and when you find those precious moments breathe deeply, shoulders back, knowing this the only moment in your life that matters.

No matter if you take those seconds and go to your “happy place” or think of something pleasant that can uplift the mood you are in. We tell our classes that negative words and thoughts need to be obliterated. Good, better, best for self in all things. For others too as long as you aren’t compromised in an unhealthy way. Of course the wise saying of Andrew Jackson Davis, the Golden Staff of Life…”In all things keep an even mind” is the “best.”

To close this Website Message I wanted to quote my great Aunt Lottie. She was a marvellous woman who lived a long, wonderful life. Aunt Lottie was very special to me, wise, caring, with warm wonderful hugs. She died when I was in my teens…along time ago. One of the last things she said to me was to quote someone famous, whose name I have long forgotten. I just remember her standing in her living room as I got dressed for the cold and very damp Halifax weather in December.

“Go forward, look upward, and you will find the clouds behind you and the sunshine before you.”

May Infinite Intelligence, the perfect love of Creator, warm your precious hearts, and give all of you health, wealth and happiness for our brand New Year of 2023. God Bless!

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