Sunday, April 19, 2020 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! With everyone practicing human distancing for the past month, it seems, at times, that it can be more difficult than we may think. We use to say that it would be wonderful to have more time! Time to paint rooms in our home, time to spend on the phone with friends, more time to FaceTime family who live far away, and just time to sit with a good book. We remember saying, we were so busy we didn’t have time to think!
It brings us to the topic of “clarity of thought.” We now have a world view of the stress people can be under with what is happening with the epidemic and we can see on television and social media, the world at large, coping as best they can.

Has this time to think changed the pattern of your thoughts? Have the old stereotypes of your thoughts changed at all. Have some things in your life changed because of your new thought process. Has it been for the better, more clear in charting a new direction. You will be surprised at how many of you will change a lot in your life; just because you may want to let go of things that don’t suit you anymore.

What serves you best now? Did your “clarity of thought” bring new vistas into your life. Did the world view stress factor have you change your thoughts of what it is you want to see in your life in the future. Maybe going back to what was, is more your style.

But really, will it not be different because you now think differently because of all that has happened? May “clarity of thought” bring about for all of you a clear direction. Remember “thoughts are things.” In your moments of clarity, make that clarity a positive for you. One that serves you better.

We have in our opening prayer a line that reads, “All life is growth, so we judge not ourselves or others.” May the “clarity of thought” bring a new horizon, a better way of being, a better way of living. God Bless!

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