Sunday, April 26th Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks!   In the past month, with everything being the “new norm” it can bring about a seismic shift in how we process change.

How many times have your heard the expression “Your not going to change him! (or her/them)  This seems to apply frequently to people who are stuck in their ways or habits, seniors who like their routine or those who are just stubborn.  Change and taxes are pretty much what humankind has lived with throughout the ages.  Even the change called death.

Today however, we want to speak to you about the everyday changes as we try to adapt as our lives unfold.  Remember we can only live in the moment, one day at a time. Lately it seems difficult to make long range plans or decisions because what happens every day changes rapidly.  Especially now with the pandemic facing all of us.

Before you focus too intently on what is happening in today’s world, take a step back and check your state of mind.  Are the changes you are making, or planning to make, done in the heat of the moment?  Decisions you are making, are they rash decisions or those that will enhance your life.

How are your impulsive decisions affecting those around you, or those you love.  Sometimes impulsive decisions can be fun for all.  Taking that country ride right in the middle of a chore or work project.  Making pizza for supper instead of that gourmet meal you planned a few days ago.

What we are endeavoring to say is change is a part of life.

Even tho’ everyone knows this, now a days this takes on a new deeper meaning.  It feels more intense.  Decisions seem to weigh more heavily upon us and the changes it brings.  The more major the decision, the more it would be prudent to take that step back and look at your state of mind, and what is happening in your life right now.  Then you know that a good change can be made.  Thinking about it for a bit, you may change how that decision will work out for the betterment of all.  As the song says, “times they are a-changin”

God Bless

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