Sunday March 7th, 2021 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Beautiful weather is happening and what an uplift for our emotions! The wind may be just a bit cold, but it will bring in our new Manitoba spring. It can’t be soon enough after the -30’s of this past winter. Glenn was out fishing up north in Riverton Friday, and what a day! It was just the perfect ice- fishing day. The fishing was wonderful the catching wasn’t.

The sky was the most intense shade of blue, no clouds to be seen. The sun warm as toast, didn’t need a jacket at all. No wind. A bald eagle flew low over our heads and two ravens talking with other came over as well. All of a sudden catching fish didn’t make a difference; it was all about being out there.
Nature! This day was so good for the power of the soul. Being in the grand outdoors out on the vast expanse of the lake, deeply breathing the freshest of air, it was a healing in its own right. Being in nature, no matter whether walking, hiking, woods, trails, or just fishing on the lake can make you feel so good. You feel rested at the end of the day and your night sleep is uninterrupted.

Give it a try! Dress up for the weather and if you can’t move well, a chair outside for even a few minutes of fresh air will turn your emotions around. Remember to think positive, ask for what you need when you pray or meditate and start it all off with gratitude in your heart for the things you already have, the friends and the family that are loving to you! Enjoy the day and may God Bless!

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