Sunday June 20th, 2021 Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Happy Fathers’s Day! To all Fathers and Father figures…..Grandpa’s Uncles, may you have a relaxing and pleasant day ahead of you!

Sometimes the Fathers in our lives are so very busy providing for their families, they may not have the daily knowledge of how much their hard work is appreciated.

Both of us know and understand, the wonderful Fathers of our families and those men in our lives, may at times be under evaluated. This day puts all that into perspective when we pay tribute and honour those wonderful men with breakfast in bed, gifts and a promise to do a few of the chores to lighten the load for him.

It is at this time when we want to “spoil” for the day, these great men, and we come to realize just how much a Father does for his family and Fathers Day highlights this. The light bulb comes on as we give the gifts or make the breakfast and see the smiling and happy face before us.

I knew a teacher who was a Father of two sons who needed special needs assistance. He talked about the love, work, and dedication it takes to be a Father, and he said he wouldn’t have it any other way.

When he comes home to those happy faces, it is all worth it. He also said, “To get respect, you first need to give respect.” These insightful words morph over into many other areas of life. A Father’s wisdom.

To those folks who have survived and flourished in spite of Fathers and not because of Fathers, just remember. You have two chances to make of yourself, the life you want, need and deserve. If this doesn’t happen in your childhood, you can use your adult life to drive towards what it is you need to celebrate the life you find fulfilling. Whatever it was that was a negative, turn it into a positive by learning from the mistakes you have seen.

Become the Father or Father Figure you know is the best, so as the years go by, your Fathers Day will have all the pomp and ceremony of smiling faces, and wee happy hearts, just for you!

May God Bless each and every wonderful man today, your day, Father’s Day!

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