Sunday December 12th, 2021 Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! All the best of the season to you, your family and friends! There is nothing more special and magical than the child-like wonder of the Christmas Season. It is no mistake the upliftment of this time of year is enhanced by the winter solstice. Over the millenium this time brings about the new change of the season. From the 21st of December on, the days start to get longer and head towards the Spring Equinox.

Within Indigenous cultures world-wide the solstices and equinoxes are of paramount importance. Many religions look to the season changes as well to mark various festivals and religious services. These commemorations are held in different ways throughout the world and in many religions. Some lasting only a day, and others lasting a week and even a full calendar month. Jerusalem, is full of people from all over the world especially at this time of year. The three major religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam hold their religious seat in this magnificent city.

Bethlehem is paramount at Christmas time. Christians consider Bethlehem to be the birthplace of Jesus, the Nativity, and all the old stories and history surrounding this beautiful place. Just where does Spiritualism fit into all of this. Actually, Spiritualism is neither of the three religions so well ensconced in this area of the Middle East.

There is no doubt as to the importance placed upon Jesus within the Science, Religion and Philosophy of Spiritualism. We know Jesus was in human form on our Earth approximately two thousand years ago. Many historians who study this miracle worker believe he was actually born in the Spring time, co-ordinating with the spring lambs of the month of March.

Judaism and Islam believe Jesus to be a Prophet. One of significance and importance. Christians believe Jesus to be Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, coming into the world to save mankind from sin and hell. This very brief description does not go into the the intricacies of how the above religions view Jesus.

What we do know is Christianity was brought about by the Emperor Constantine through the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. This is historical fact. It was brought about because of the religious upheaval at that time. There was a need to bring about control of the masses, to unite the country under one religion. Now there are many stories of how this came to be, which would fill a novel of its own.
So how does our Church, The Spiritualist Church of The Light view this remarkable figure of history Jesus of Nazareth? He came to the Earth Plane to prove the existence of life beyond death. He controlled The White Christ Light of God to perform the miracles he famous for. We do not consider him the only Son of God. Because of the God Spark within all of us, we are all sons and daughters of God. Jesus of Nazareth was an exemplar!

We believe Jesus was divine. We all have the spark of Divinity within all of us. There is a difference of degree but not of kind. He was and is the supreme Master of Spiritual Law. He was in close touch with the Spirit World and demonstrated his survival after his death. His teaching of equality, love, humility and service is the basis of Spiritualism, as we know today. He is the Universal Healer.

Spiritualists mainly agree on The Seven Principles, and we acknowledge these Seven Principles. The First Principle we acknowledge is “Infinite Spirit, Divine Creator of All That is.” The second “Unity and Equality of All.” Jesus spoke of both of these and the other Principles as well during his time on Earth. Of an Infinite Intelligence, not only perfect but all-powerful To picture God as a human being is to impose limitations.

Jesus of Nazareth gave us a glimpse into the Creator of All. His birth is to be heralded and acknowledged no matter when he was born. He showed us there is a divine relationship in which God is our “Creator” and we are all Creator’s children. Jesus taught how to fan the flame of the God Spark within to help us in our Spiritual development, sustaining and uplifting us. Jesus of Nazareth! A remarkable teacher indeed! God Bless you all at this very special time…..Amen!

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