Tuesday October 12th, 2021, Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks!  “Thanksgiving Weekend “ is now behind us and if you were someone who had a delicious dinner with your family or friends, leftovers now rule the day!  Our dinner involves family and friends, and today we are indeed eating the last of our turkey dinner.

It is interesting to see how many various ways, we as Canadians, and in particular Winnipeggers, adhere to customs surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday.  Turkey (of course) is usually the dinner of choice.  However, there are many other dinners that celebrate the Sunday or Monday holiday.  Saturday’s too…depending when most of the family or friends can get together.  In essence, it has been two years ago since a full-fledged turkey day has been celebrated by most folks.

For those whom don’t celebrate this day in any way, it doesn’t mean that the notion of Thanksgiving escapes you since the media places so much importance of getting together with family and/or friends.  For everyone….there is always a way to acknowledge what we have in our lives…something to be thankful for.  Maybe it is the ability to see this website message or hear the news, or taking in a walk or (now it is back) taking in a movie or show.

If you take a close look around you, just remember to be grateful for what you do have.  There have been times when we too have struggled in life.  When life seems hopeless, it is good to look around and see what you do have…and to be grateful for it.  Gratitude will bring you more to be grateful for!  We can attest to this, in a most profound way.  Never, ever give up, and you may be surprised at what will manifest in your life, if you only look, and have gratitude in your heart for what you have.  God richly bless and keep you!

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