Sunday January 23rd, 2022 Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! In talking with a member of our Church, she had mentioned when she has difficulty sleeping, she will look at our Website Messages and it helps.

You know, we hadn’t stopped to think of how people read what we post. We were just hoping the site would be read and folks inspired or comforted by it. The Website was a great idea and we have our Board Member, Joanna Seys to thank, for doing the mechanics of posting and keeping up the site. We personally haven’t exactly mastered any high tech or 21st century technology and that boat moves very slowly at home. (Haha)

Now…. here’s a quote for you!

“Wide acceptance of an idea is not proof of it’s validity”

Walking around for a whole day repeating it and placing situations within this quote was revealing to say the least! The one situation which kept on popping up was the concept of the kernel of truth about Spiritualism. We say, “Spiritualism is the Science, Religion and Philosophy of Continuous Life.” This is, of course the wide acceptance of Spiritualists world wide. It was uplifting to see how the proof of the validity of Spiritualism was shown. The philosophy and religion of Spiritualism has been proven by the science of Spiritualism.

It would also be good to place any ideas you have, that you have put on a shelf for future inspiration…and maybe apply that quote to see if it brings up a few nuggets to flesh out an idea you may have had. January and the newness of 2022 can bring forward many ideas for home, business, education and such. What exactly is the validity of the idea you have?

We look forward to the next 11 months to nurture new ideas, realizing the validity of those ideas gives ways to think over, ponder, and reflect. We know for sure, some of those ideas will be instrumental for enriching your life, if you choose to do so. (physically, spiritually and emotionally) Know that we think of you all and send you great thoughts, Healing and Spirit Blessings. Enjoy your Sunday! God Bless.

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