Sunday February 27th, 2022 Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Good News….just a reminder if you missed the last Website Message…our Church will be open on Sunday March 6th, at the usual 10:30 am time. To let everyone know, we will be keeping in place, for the protection of all, vaccination requirements, mask wearing and keeping chairs at the 6 ft. distance. We will follow these mandates until further notice. To those who are new to our Church Website, we are continuing to follow these procedures, as there are folks in our Church have compromised immune systems and wee ones too.

Now, we have a habit of saying, “things in three’s” which seems to be the case in many circumstances. Well the not so good news is “things in threes” happened to Manitoba and the rest of Canada. Negative “things in threes.” (1)Covid-19 (2) the protest that turned into the occupation of Ottawa which then turned nasty, (3) the invasion of Ukraine by the militant leader of Russia. Three very negative situations, the likes which have never been seen before in Manitoba, Canada and the world. Serious indeed! We are left with our heads spinning!

There are the other groups of three which have been affecting us profoundly. Our health, wealth and happiness….also our physical, Spiritual and emotional. All feeling stressed and hard to emotionally pull out of. Anxiety is so hard. Indeed hard to poke our heads out of. What now?

It sometimes is difficult to remember, the only person we can control, in thought, word and deed is ourselves. We have complete control over “self” and that pretty much says it all. We must remember, we are loved beyond measure. Especially when anxious about life. We are blessed with life, the God-Spark within. Anytime you look at yourself with critical eyes, switch your focus right away to the perfection of the God-Spark, the Presence within. The real you is Spiritual, and can therefore never be less than perfect and can never be destroyed.

Transmit the highest frequency of love, for yourself and for the World. When you do this with focus and great intention, you open yourself to the abundance of God’s Holy Spirit World…the Universe! Infinite Intelligence, Creator God! The precious God-Spark within will fill you with a peace that passes all understanding. Nothing is limited, nothing at all. Praising and blessing dissolves all negativity. If you want to dissolve negativity, recognize the beautiful and wonderful things around you. Focus with great intent.

Think abundance for all, see abundance for all, feel abundance for all and let no thought of limitation enter your mind. You will be surprised and amazed at what you can create, and this we know for sure! God Bless each and every one of you!

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