Sunday March 13th, 2022 Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! We felt that a “Talk” given by Reverend Glenn would be good to do as a Website Message for today.


That’s what Spiritualism does for us; gives us all resilience. It helps us to keep moving forward no matter the “quagmire” of life that is put in front of us.

A two year pandemic with all its downs, a U.S. Insurrection, blockade’s at our boarders and in front of the Parliament Buildings, and now a war in the Ukraine. Never mind our own personal problems!

But, we are here, maybe a little beat up, upset, angry and frustrated. We are not isolated! We have our Guides to talk to, we have a Church that supports us, and people in our Church who are there ready to help us.

We also have our “Principles” with us that are like a walking staff, to help us understand the
world in which we live. I encourage all of you to look them over and just see what there is to help you. Numbers five and six are very good ones; tough to understand for some of us. It is the way you look at it that makes the difference.

Principle Number Five: Personal responsibility, for the creation of our reality, through thought, word and deed. One thought during all of this, is a compound of that I have mentioned. Be it angry, upset, a little hate maybe. Look at all the negative we put forward and just added to it. Yes, we add to the negative and helped that negative to grow. We probably didn’t go deep enough into ourselves to change it.

I must confess I myself sometimes have taken the short road to anger, and it sure was easy. In doing that, I myself created negative. Now, how to go deeper and rethink my responses.

The war, Ukraine and Russia. It is not to send “negative” to Russia, instead, it is to send “positive” to the Ukraine. And not to kill all the Russians, but to have them leave their country. You don’t have to go any further than that, and you have done your part. Principle Number Five; and that goes for all negative thoughts and situations.

It takes more work and understanding, but you can find it! We just need to rethink the negative and find the positive. First start by “keeping an even mind” which is “Staff of Life” told to us by Andrew Jackson Davis, one of the founding Fathers of Modern Spiritualism. Then a refocus on the problem and make it a positive. It is work but it does work. You will sleep better at night. You won’t go to bed angry or frustrated because you have done your part. And that’s all you can do. That is all you need to do!

By the way….I forgot to mention Principle Number Six: “Actions create results according to Natural Law.” By refocusing your attention
away from the problem, and towards the positive your action engages the Law of Attraction. This is a hundred times stronger and more effective than the negative. God Bless! I thank all my Guides, for helping me with the “Talk” and through these troubled times.

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