Autumn 2017 Message from Reverends Glenn and Heather LaLiberte

Fall is here in all it’s glory! We have had remarkable weather here in Manitoba. Let’s give thanks for all good things we have in our lives. Sometimes it seems life is so hard, and the good things we do have don’t feel so close to us in times like that. Just remember to start from the beginning. If you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a mouth to communicate with, you are more blessed than many.

If you an walk without assistance. If you can hug your family and friends. If you have a job or career (and you enjoy it) you are blessed indeed.  If you can call on a friend at any time  day or night and they are there for you, you are blessed. If you have food to eat, a place to sleep and clothing. . . . well this is a good place to start being grateful.

Find something each and every day to be grateful for and through the Law of Attraction, your gratitude will pull towards yourself, more to be grateful for. Thanksgiving is celebrated by many here in Manitoba. As Spiritualists, we feel it is a great time with the Autumnal Equinox, when energies are heightened, to give thanks for the bounty of the Earth, and all we have in our material lives.

Also as Spiritualists, we give thanks on a daily basis, and not just this time of year. Daily Thanksgiving is so important in our lives. It uplifts emotionally feels good physically and Spiritually connects us in a beautiful way to our Spirit Guides and Infinite Intelligence, our Creator God. God Bless You!

Reverends Glenn and Heather LaLiberte

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