Fall 2019 Message from The Reverends LaLiberte

Wow!  The Fall weather is here already.  A new start to the last quarter of year 2019.  Each season seems to bring its own brand new start, however, Fall season is quite dramatic.

Nature changes to beautiful Fall colours, students of all ages are heading back to school.  Lots of movement in nature with geese and other birds heading south. The hot weather behind us, with Summer vacations over, we head into Fall with new expectations.

In our classes we teach our life is like a triangle, a pyramid, with each point representing our Physical, Spiritual and Emotional parts of our lives.  Lets have the Fall begin with the word “focus”.  Focus on our lives, Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional.  Focus on bringing ourselves up to snuff.  Focus on our health, wealth and happiness.

When this happens, when our Triangle of Life is running full tilt, then we will overflow with gratitude, love and appreciation for the greatness of Infinite Intelligence.  We then can go back into the world, recharged, renewed and ready to help in a world that so needs us.  Spirit Blessings and God Bless!

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