A Winter Message

Just a few days ago I heard a woman talking to an interviewer on a radio show about feeling, all her life, of being “other than.”  She was born in Canada, however is of Asian heritage, and mentioned she was a visible minority.  The conversation between them was about her never being good enough, of being “other than.”

This “other than” feeling can also be felt by people whether they are a visible minority or not.  Feelings of not being worthy enough, feelings of not fitting in, feelings of disparity and alienation.  With the arrival of vast computer networking systems and social media, we have become a Global Village indeed.  All this technology and 21st Century knowledge and still humans have not learned the value of kindness, respect and the simple act of getting along.

As Spiritualists we know not to give up.We know to send through the ethers, the kindness, respect and love that is so needed in the world.  Do not feel you are ever “other than.”With the New Year of 2020 coming into play in a few weeks, we  want to wish everyone, health, wealth and happiness.  Our Reverends and Board of Directors wish all of our best, to You.  God Bless!

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