March 29, 2020 – Message from Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks!  We have been thinking and sending good thoughts to all of you.  Know these thoughts to you are continuous every single day. Yesterday while walking in our back property, there were so many wonderful, inspirational tidbits we wanted to share with everyone, and now, next day, they have flown away like the birds!  Just a good cue to make sure when you have an idea, just jot it down on a post-it note. 

One thing that isn’t forgotten is how the Covid-19 situation has gripped people world-wide.  As Reverends, we both thought the phone lines and our cell phones would be ringing off the hook more than usual, but it hasn’t happened!  We believe we know why.  

Those people in our congregation and in our classes, know our teachings, that are as simple as the Covid-19 rules of good health.  Now a days, we all know about the human distancing factor, washing your hands, and staying home, especially when feeling under the weather.  Will this end?  Yes it will; just as the Spanish Flu of 1918, the Sars virus and H1N1 all ran their courses.  

Our message is simple as well, and is good to keep in mind when you feel overwhelmed by how life has changed literally overnight.  First and foremost, live your life one day at a time. Make the most of the day in which you are living. Remember to remember, to live in the moment!  Find happiness in the small things as well.  Practice “gratitude” every single day.  Living life in Canada as compared to the rest of the world is a blessing.  Breathe deeply when you remember to do so.  Breath is life!  When you open your door or window first thing in the morning, take in deep cleaning breaths and fill your lungs to the fullest and exhale.  Lastly keep in mind, positive thoughts are hundreds of times stronger than negative ones.  Put positive thoughts to everything!  Especially when watching media updates that constantly flow to keep the world in the know.  Stay tuned to our Church website, as we will be sending you messages on a regular basis.  So folks, know our positive thoughts are being sent to you everyday from our hearts.  Peace to all, life to all, love to all!  God Bless.

Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather LaLiberte    

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