Sunday May 3, 2020 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! Tomorrow starts the beginning of loosening the grip Covid-19 has had in Manitoba and around the world. Most people are still reticent about venturing out into the public and can’t say as we blame them. Just remember common sense will lead you well, and listening to your inner voice and how it makes you feel.

We’ve have said in the past, “if in doubt, don’t” and a certain amount of care needs to be practiced to keep you and those you love protected from this pandemic.

Our Message today is the famous saying by Andrew Jackson Davis. “In all things keep an even mind.” This is what we call the Golden Staff of Life. Now more than ever when your thoughts can be shaken, your life maybe uncertain, your job, your relationships upended, keep this saying front and centre in your mind. It takes you out of yourself and gives a perspective that is different.

As you go on your way today, and go forward this week, with temptations to feel despondent coming into your pathway; repeat often and as the situation arises…In All Things Keep An Even Mind. God Bless!

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