“Thanksgiving Message” Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks and Happy Thanksgiving! We realize this greeting, which intends to bring you joy, may not feel like it if you have had a weary 2020 due to the Pandemic and all it brought to your life.

Spirit, when you ask for the highest and the best, will always bring you unconditional love. Where can you look for something to be thankful for? Start with the God-Spark within. It is no mistake you are on the Earth Plane. There will be other things to be thankful for if you just look around.

Do you have eyes to see, ears to hear, a mouth to speak words of encouragement and love to others? How about arms to hug, starting with self and family. We all know Covid-19 brings social distancing, and a big hug to self may be the only one you have….but let us remind you it is the first and most important hug you give.

What is so hard about this weekend is the fact that many families will not be able to have the large dinners that can be so important in family dynamics. We too share disappointment with regards to scaling back and cancelling altogether. How sad, and we feel a loss there. Lets take a moment in our day to reflect back on this year and we are sure you will find, amid the sadness, something, to be thankful for. Give thanks for Life, give thanks for family, give thanks for friends and neighbours who really have your respect and care about you. You do not need to be lonely when you look up at the blue, blue sky, white clouds, sunshine, sunsets, sunrises and even the rain can be refreshing.

It all depends on how you look at things. How do you see life in the day-to-day? So to all you who are reading this message know it is written and sent with peace to all, life to all and love to all. Ask God for your health, wealth and happiness. As you receive the little miracles along life’s way, look up with a wonder and gratitude and give thanks.

To everyone, we have something to be very grateful for this weekend! We have found out we are permitted to have a Church Service next Sunday October 18th, at 10:30 am at Sunova Centre/West St. Paul Centre, 48 Holland Road in West St. Paul. (On the North Perimeter) OurService will be held in the gymnasium as we all need to social distance (the 6 feet-2 m.) Bring your masks as they are mandatory. We have the hand sanitizer, which is also mandatory. You must register for our Service to attend. Limited attendance.

If you would like to attend, please call us at (204) 338-5505, (204) 390-6609, (204) 802-1395 to register your attendance. God Bless, each and every one of you!

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