Sunday May 29th, 2022 Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Hello Folks! So much to say today. First is an apology to all women who celebrated Mother’s Day. We had a computer malfunction and could not do the Mother’s Day message. We ended up having to purchase another which took some time, however, not in time for the Sunday Mother’s Day message.

Warm congratulations still are sent to all Mum’s, Mom’s, Mother-In-Laws, Nannies, Nana’s, Grandmothers, Baba’s, Kookums and all those incredible women who look after and care for children…..your wonderful care is always appreciated by us!

So just to let you folks know, there are two Sunday Services left before the summer months of July and August are here. Sunday June 5th, and Sunday June 19th. We will always be available with just a phone call….(204) 390-6609 and emergency number (204) 338-5505.

Now onto today. Covid has put such a strain on many, many people. Lives have been changed in many ways. We all know that. We are hoping the Fall will come along and have a new normal established so we can all jump into Life once more.

 This may include doing things like continuing to wear a mask while in public. Staying clear of larger functions where vaccination mandates are not in place anymore. It may include smaller home gatherings and associations.

Dipping our toes into public places and being careful must be completely in our comfort level. This is better, if seen as a positive move and not one dictated by fear.

The old saying, “there is nothing to fear except fear itself” does nothing to quell the inner turmoil one feels when we ourselves are placed into various situations. Doing what is comfortable for one’s self would always be the mandate you choose.

As time goes on and situations arise, let your lives be dictated not by fear, however, but by being led by whatever situation the day brings and your comfort level with it. Be true to you.
Remember, the only person you can control, the only person you can change, is yourself. You have only one life so why waste this plane of existence. Why waste it on fear, why waste it on procrastination, why waste it on negativity? When you cross-over you have eternity to come into full fruition, if not given  the long life to which we all are entitled to on this earth-plane.
Make each and every day count! Look for ways of finding the positive! Stop feeling helpless with negativity, when you have every opportunity to change it.

Examples being….you have a hard time forgiving someone? Ask for forgiveness for yourself and sending a positive thought for the one person or people who have given you grief. Then let it go to Infinite Intelligence, Creator God, it will work!

You will lighten the load on your shoulders. Send it off and go on with life. Knowing that no matter what happens in life, when the people who gave you grief die they have their book of life to go through and make amends for. It is not in your hands, you have let it go. Let it go and live in the present moment, with gratitude that you experience life in a country like Canada. Gratitude you have food, shelter and clothing. Gratitude for the health you have! Sending positive to yourself, doing self-healing as well, so that the future days will be filled with health, wealth and happiness!

Another example, the horrific war in Ukraine. Instead of being angry, upset and not being able to get it out of your head….well how is that in any way  turning your thoughts around! Send to the Ukraine, positive thoughts of the people finding food, shelter, clothing and safety. Send it off knowing your thoughts are being heard and situations will change for individuals, families and such.

Remember one positive thought is hundreds of times more effective than a negative one. Now we have said these are things more than once. They are worth repeating, as sometimes we need to hear something more than once to eventually define their importance in us in our daily lives.

All the very best and God’s Blessings to you! (We will be just a call away)

P.S. Just a reminder our Services are on the First and Third Sundays of each month, from September until June. We are closed for the summer months of July and August. Don’t let the fifth Sundays that periodically arise, mislead you. First and Third only.

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