Sunday May 24, 2020 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

Good Morning Folks! We missed sending a message for Mother’s Day and the long weekend. Sometimes life just happens and it isn’t all bad, sometimes its very good. We were glad it was the latter, and regret we didn’t have the time to even sit for a few moments and pen a note to you.

Life is slowly opening up with government health regulations easing with regards to being once again in the public, and with other people. Still, the time at home is at hand, and with it the close proximity of being with family.

By now, two and a half months later, your emotions with loved ones has probably run the course with every emotion coming to the surface…..good and the not so good. We would like to mention a few thoughts, that may help with those emotions that can be trying at times.

We make our own lives wherever we are. To your friends you continue to communicate with be thankful. Friendship beautifies life so much. Remember friends may come and friends may go. To those friendships that go, send them away with good thoughts of them finding what they are looking for in a friend. Life has an amazing turn around of bringing people back into our lives, you just never know. Make your parting, or letting go, especially an emotional one or a negative one, that of you letting go and asking for an emotional healing from your Spirit Guides. “Go with my blessings, but just go!” This phrase we attribute to a friend long passed, who had to leave a very destructive friendship behind, in order to have a better emotional life.

For those relationships that need a tune-up and are still wanted, just remember, yes, you can criticize in a constructive, helpful way, saying how the relationship makes you feel, and stay to praise! An old saying from down home says, “Come in to criticize and remain to praise!”

For yourself just remember to remember this to help you move forward. We must regret our mistakes and learn from them, never carrying them into the future with us. There is always a second chance, and it is called tomorrow. Go into your mornings with gratitude for the positives you have in your life, all the gifts you are blessed with and as Willie Nelson says, once again, press the “delete” button on yesterday! God Bless!

1 thought on “Sunday May 24, 2020 – Message from Reverend(s) Glenn and Heather

  1. Taking a moment tonight and reading over all of your messages, they have definitely given me food for thought and also some great reminders. So thank you both for that.:-)

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